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A big part of our work at Mercado Libre involves investigation and development of software that help us maintain a high performance and availability service across 19 countries. Now the code of some of the stack we use is open so you can use it to create amazing projects.


Enhance your project’s performance and optimize your implementation times with our tools. You can use our Java and Go Rest Clients if you are building a REST app, or any of our libraries that will make it easier to work with information storage, behavioral testing, message processing, buffer optimization, and more.

Golang Restclient

An extremely simple to use, lightweight, yet powerful REST Client.

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Java Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker for Java 1.7+.

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Node-Java Hashcode

This is a very simple tool that provides a way to make a hashcode compatible with Java hashcode.

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Node Simple LRU Cache

Simple and Fast LRU cache for Node.

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A Restful JSON API that controls policies and routes from different firewall brands.

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Java Restclient

A lightweight REST client implementation for Java 1.7+.

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Toiler is a AWS SQS long-polling thread-based message processor.

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Flexbuffer Node

Node based library that gives you a variety of options for buffer optimization.

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Pla is a tiny program that sends some load to a web application. It's similar to Apache Bench (ab), but with better availability across different platforms and a less troubling installation experience.

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User Interface

We know delivering users a great user experience is key on making a successful app. We hand you libraries of components for JS, CSS, HTML, and our own style guides, to make this work a simple task.


A collection of easy-to-use UI components.

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Javascript Style Guide

MercadoLibre JavaScript Style Guide

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Css Style Guide

MercadoLibre CSS Style Guide

23 1 14


A tiny yet powerful grid system

10 2 9


A JavaScript utility library oriented to real world tasks

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Do you want to work with our ecosystem? Learn about our range of options for the creation of solutions and tools to help our + 120 M user community.

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